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Roddis of Wickersley

It has been suggested that the Roddis family of Whiston and Wickersley, descended from the family of De Rodes. Gerard de Rodes, was a prominent baron who lived in the reigns of Henry II, Richard I, John and Henry III

Roddis Quarries

In 1780 John Roddis and his wife Dorothy (Nee Storkey) of Upper Whiston, owned quarries in Whiston, Ulley and Wickersley. Along with an uncle William, they were forerunners of local quarry ownership.

After the death of John in 1814, his son William took over the business and opened the Brecks Quarries.

Partnership Dissolved

Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore Subsisting between us the undersigned, John Dobb, Thomas Roddis, John Roddis, and Thomas Dobb, all of Wickersley, in the County of York, Stone-Masons, was dissolved by mutual consent on the- 27th day of June last. All debts owing to or by the said concern will be received and paid by the said Thomas Roddis and William Roddis the Son and Executor of the said John Roddis, who will in future carry on the said business on their own account: As witness our bands this 1st day of July 1816.
Jno. Dobb.
Thos. Roddis.
Wm. Roddis, Son and Executor of the late John Roddis.
Thos. Dobb. Source: London Gazette


In 1840 William died and his son William continued the business along with his mother Elizabeth who was quarrymistress of a number of quarries in the area.

Thomas Roddis of Wickersley inherited the business and proved to be very successful.

The last member of the family, in the business was Percy, still trading before World War ll.



Ales Rodes m. THOMAS IBOTSON 23 NOV 1563 Braithwell

Margereta Rodes m. THOMAS LUNDE 01 DEC 1571 Braithwell

Ellyn Rodes m. RADULFUS PYNDER 27 DEC 1574 Braithwell

Ann Rodes m. ROBERTE WEEGANNE 13 NOV 1627 Braithwell


Jacobus Roodes (Rodes) c.1570

Elizabeth Roods (Rodes) d.1570

Thomas Roods (Rodes) d.1570

Thomas Rhodes (Rodes) m. Margaret 1571

John Daniel m. Isobel Rhodes

Thomas Roods (Rodes) d.1613


On 15 November, 1762 Amelia Roddis married Ralph Law at Wickersley


William Roddis, son of John and Dorothy (Nee Storkey) of Whiston, married Elizabeth Shaw (b.1790 Wickersley) at Sheffield on 02/04/1815. Their daughter Mary was born at Whiston in 1816. Son William was born and baptised at Wickersley on 24/11/1817.Daughter Sarah, born in 1820 and daughter Dorothea Anne was born in 1822, and baptised on 18/06/1822 at Wickersley.

William born 1817 married Hannah Dobb. Children of William(b.1817) and Hannah(Nee Dobb):

John Law Roddis living Wickersley 1901 Census, m.Lucy Pearce (b.1878 Wath-on-Dearne)

Thomas Roddis who was born in 1860, was a Quarry Mason in 1881; in 1901 was listed as Quarry Stone Merchant.Children of Thomas and Annie E. Roddis:


The 1871 census records:
William RODDIS, a Quarry Owner, aged 53, wife Hannah aged 45, Ellen daughter aged 14, son Thomas aged 11. Mother Hannah Dobb aged 82. All born Wickersley apart from Hannah Dobb, born Barnborough, Doncaster.

Living at Aldams Cottages, Pinch Mill Road, Wickersley in 1881:

From 1881 census, living at Wickersley:

Jane Roddis (Nee Thickit) born 1830, a Widow aged 51. Quarry Owner & Farmer of 11 Acres. (Employing 4 Men)
Wm. Henry Roddis Son age 13
Mary Roddis Daur age 12
Thos. Sibary Roddis Son age 10 m.Alma Jane HAWLEY, daughter of Matthew HAWLEY of Rawmarsh, Earthenware Manufacturer. Living Sleaford Lincolnshire 1901
Ann Roddis Daur age 8
Rose COTTON, Unmarried, age 20, Servant

Thomas Roddis b.1782 married Mary Howarth at Laughton 30 MAR 1807.

Thomas was the son of Joseph Roddis c1762 Whiston and Mary Lee c1762

Children of Thomas and Mary (nee Howarth)born Laughton:

Roddis of Laughton-en-le-Morthen

Living at Laughton, in 1871, Joseph, son of Thomas and Mary(Nee Howarth), agricultural Labourer, age 54, and wife Mary Roddis,age 53, both born Laughton. In 1881 Mary was living alone on Parish Relief.

Living at Laughton, close to Roche Abbey Mill in 1871, Henry Roddis age 66 a Shoemaker, his wife Fanny(Frances) age 66 and children (all born Laughton):

Children of Henry and Frances (Nee Pullen) born Laughton:

Henry was brother of Joseph and the son of Thomas(b.1782) Roddis and Mary(Nee Howarth). Living Brampton Common Farm 1851.


Living at Coadle Green (Coldwell Green, ) in 1871:

George Roddis, age 31, a Quarry Mason, born at Laughton. He was married to Mary (Nee Beech), age 25, born Whiston.

Living next door was William Roddis, an agricultural labourer, age 40 born at Laughton, his wife Sarah age 31 born Bramley. Children:

By 1881 Thomas was still at home, no mention of John and Charlotte, but 2 more children born:


Living at Brookhouse in 1881:

James Roddis age 46 born Laughton, an agricultural labourer, his wife, Harriet (Nee Thackery b.1842 Herringthorpe) age 40 born Whiston, children:

Children of James Roddis b.1832 and Harriet (Nee Thackery):


Children of Thomas Roddis² and Elizabeth E (Nee Bilham);

Living at Thurcroft Lodge in 1901, next to Thurcroft Hall:

Thomas Roddis², age 40, Game Keeper Born Brampton-en-le-Morthen, his wife, Elizabeth E age 37, born Laughton, Children:


Living at Brookhouse in 1901:

John¹ Roddis age 34 Labourer in clay pit, born Laughton, his wife Lydia, age 31 born Newbold, children:

Roddis of Whiston

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