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From 1881 census , living at Wickersley
Henry RIDGE, born 1845, a Farmer of 32 Acres & Auctioneer
Mary E. RIDGE Wife, born 1846 at Ravenfield
Jno. Hy. RIDGE age 11 born Wickersley
Edward RIDGE age 10
Ellen (Edward) RIDGE Daur Female age 8 born Wickersley
Fredk. Thos. RIDGE Son Male 7 born Wickersley
Marian RIDGE Daur Female 5
Ernest Wildsmith RIDGE Son Male 2
Thos. Duke RIDGE Servant, Unmarried age 17 born Bramley
Ann LONGDIN Servant, Unmarried age 22


Extract from the London Gazette

The Bankruptcy Act, 1869. In the County Court of Yorkshire, holden at Sheffield. In the Matter of Proceedings for Liquidation by Arrangement or Composition with Creditors, instituted by Henry Ridge, of Wickersley, near Rotherham, in the county of York, Farmer and Auctioneer.

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