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Leonard Pursglove, Schoolmaster, was father of:

Children of Joseph and Mary Pursglove, born Wickersley:

A Joseph Pursglove is recorded as being a school teacher in 1746 and 1757.

In February 1753, William Spencer of Bramley Grange, Esq.,leased to Joseph Pursglove of Wickersley, yeoman, Grange Fields farm, Bramley with its lands, for 21 years at an annual rent of £35.


Joseph Pursglove of Wickersley was an Enclosure Commissioner for Morthen.(1766)



Statute of Limitations—Effect of admission by one executor with respect to a co-executor. Bainet and Hull shewed cause against a rule to set aside the verdict for the defendants, and to enter the same for the plaintiff, with damages to the amount of the promissory notes in the declaration mentioned.
This was an action brought by the plaintiff to recover from the defendants, two of the surviving executors of William Purslove, who died on the 10th Feb. 1837, the amount of two promissory notes made by him in January, 1835\ and the question raised "as, whether proof of the sum of £15 having been allowed by Joseph Purslove, a deceased executor, in an account b-tween the plaintiff and himself in respect of business of the same kind as that between the plaintiff and testator, could operate to take the case out of the Statute of Limitations as against the other executors.
Cases cited for the defendants: Holm v. Green (1 Stark. R. 488) ; Green T. Danes (4 B. & C. 235); Tullockv. Ounn (Ry. & Mo. 416) ; Eastwood v. Saville (9 M. & W. 615) j Willii v. Newnham (2 Y. & J. 518) j Maghee v. O'Neill; Atkins v. T,-edgold (2 B. & C. 23).
Hoggins, for the plaintiff.
The COURT were of opinion that it did not sufficiently appear that the allowance made by the deceased executor was made by him in his character of executor, but that the evidence rather shewed he had taken the debt upon himself, and consequently the allowance could not bind the executors.

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