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The family have been in the Wickersley/Bramley/Thurcroft area since at least the early 1900's - possibly 1909 when Thomas (1849-1925) was involved with the sinking of Thurcroft pit.

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Thomas Jackson seniorThomas Jackson was born in Barrow, Lancashire in 1849 to Irish immigrants, thought to have travelled over during the potato famine, only the name of his father is known, that being Henry.

Thomas married Rachael West, born 18/12/1850 All Saints, Northampton. To begin with, an insight into Rachael, needs to be given, Rachael's first husband was James Herbert, who is said to have been killed while working as a Platelayer on the railways, they had one daughter Mary Elizabeth (Polly) born 24/5/1870.

Rachael was next recorded on the 1881 census living in Wantage with an Edward Smith, with them were three children, William George b. 2/3/1876, Isabel Florence b. 18/5/1880, and Edith Hannah b. 18/6/1881. Rachael married Thomas Jackson in Kingston , London on the 24th of October 1887, Thomas Jnr was born on the 11th of July 1887 in Rayleigh, Essex.

Thomas Jackson senior and juniorIn the 1891 census Thomas and Rachael were recorded living at No 38, Chapel Road, Thelwall, Warrington, where Thomas was working on the Manchester Ship Canal, at this point, besides Thomas jnr they had two more children living with them, Elizabeth (Bessie) b. 5/5/1889 Lymm, Cheshire, Harry b. 19/2/1891, Thelwall. Thomas and Rachael had a further son, James West b. 4/7/1894 in Leeds, where it is thought that Thomas was working on The Leeds Sewerage System.

Thomas and Rachael were recorded in 1901 as living in Braithwaite, where Thomas was a Beer House Keeper and Rachael kept lodgers (navvies), Thomas jnr helped her in this task, he left school at the age of 14.

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Thomas snr worked on the sinking of Thurcroft pit, he died on the 20th of October 1925, at the time he was living on Green Arbour Road in Thurcroft, Thomas was buried with his wife Rachael in Bramley cemetery, Rachael died on the 3rd of September 1912.

1901 census listing Thomas and Rachael's family and lodgers:

Thomas Jackson 51 Head born abt 1850 Barrow, Lancashire
Rachael Jackson 49 Wife born abt 1852 Northampton
Edith Jackson 19 Daughter born abt 1882
Harry Jackson 19 Son born abt 1882 ( maybe age 9, b. 1892?)
Thomas Jackson 13 Son born abt 1888 Rayleigh, Essex m. Marian Isabel Crofts
Elizabeth (Bessie) 11 Jackson Daughter born abt 1890, Lymm, Cheshire m. Harry Kennen
James West Jackson 5 Son born abt 1896
John Bathen 58 Lodger
Tom Brown 39 Lodger
James Burke 75 Lodger
William Clark 48 Lodger
Ernest Coles 17 Lodger
Joseph Green 48 Lodger
John Marton 44 Lodger
James Mason 59 Lodger
Amos Reed 16 Lodger
George Tarbox 27 Lodger
James West 52 Lodger
William Williams 26 Lodger. Is the same, who married Mary Elizabeth Jackson?

The Wedding of Tom Jackson & Marion Isabel Crofts, taken outside Rose Cottage in Carr
Wedding:Tom Jackson & Marion Isabel Crofts

The niece of Elizabeth (Bessie) Kennen (Nee Jackson), Ruth Jackson, owned and ran a Ladies Dress shop in Bramley, it was built on the corner of Bawtry road and Cross street in about 1958, Bessies great niece by marriage, Mrs K Bell remembers on one occasion being asked by Ruth to model some clothes at a clothes party that she was throwing in The Church Hall in Thurcroft, apparently Ruth from time to time would organise a clothes party to sell her dresses. Mrs Bell remembers the shop well, she purchased one or two dresses from there.

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Names connected with this family Cutts, Crofts, Kennen.

Information contributed by M. Higgins, Grandson of Thomas and Marian Jackson

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