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Godfridus Hall c. 1569 Wickersley

Elizabeth Halle m. JOHN RYE 12 OCT 1589 Braithwell

Helen Hall c.1598 Wickersley


Nicholas Hall c.28 SEP 1593 Braithwell

Children of Nicholai Hall (Hawle):


Thomas Hall m. ANNE STANNIFORTHE 18 JUL 1625 Braithwell

Jane Hall m. LANCELOT DAWSONNE 02 DEC 1632 Braithwell


Children of Thomas Hall:


Children of Elie Hall and Jane:


Maria Hall m. THOMAS STEPHENSON 12 FEB 1701 Braithwell


Johannes Hall m. MARIA LEE 16 NOV 1704 Braithwell. Children:


Children of Jonathan Hall and Mary:


Children of John Hall and Mary:


Daniel Hall m. SARAH STANIFORTH 03 APR 1716 Braithwell


Mary Hall m. WILLIAM HAWKE 19 NOV 1719 Braithwell


Children of John Hall:

Mary Hall m. GEORGE BOOKER 27 MAR 1722 Braithwell




Thomas Hall m. MARTHA BURKINSHAW 23 DEC 1742 Braithwell. Children:


Jonathan Hall m. MARY WHARAM 24 JUL 1748 Braithwell


Children of George Hall and Frances:


James Hall m. MARY HAY 08 DEC 1817 Braithwell. Children:


Robert Hall m. ISABELLA BAGGALEY 10 AUG 1820 Braithwell. Children:


Children of John Hall and Zilla:


Children of John Hall and Jane:


Children of James Hall and Elizabeth:


Children of Henry and Mary Hall:


From 1881 census, living in part of Old Hall, Bramley:

John HALL, Head age 50 born 1831, Balne, Yorks, Farm Labourer (Ag Lab)
Ellen HALL, Wife age 47 born 1834, Hellaby, Yorkshire
Fredrick William HALL Son U age 21 born Hellaby, Yorks Solicitors Clerk
Walter S.R. HALL Son age 9 born Bramley, Yorks
Hannah GUEST Sister Unmarried,age 50, born 1831, Hellaby, Dressmaker


From 1891 census - John Hall,aged 42,a Stone Quarry Labourer,born in Bradfield Yorkshire,was married to Mary Hall, aged 37 also from Bradfield Yorkshire. They had 3 children: Ada aged 16 ,Albert aged 14 and Herman aged 11 all born in Wickersley.


Living at Park Lodge, Bramley in 1881:
Tom HALL b.1850 Head M Male, 31 Wickersley, Quarry Owner Employing 2 Men (Stone Mcht)
Sarah HALL b.1845 Wife M Female, 36 Wood Laith Conisbro, Yorks
Ann Elizabeth SPENCER dau. Female, 12 Wickersley,
Hannah SPENCER dau. Female, 8 Bramley
George Ernest HALL Son Male, 4 Bramley
Lawson HALL Son Male, 2 Bramley
Ida HALL dau. Female, 2 m Bramley

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