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Richard Fenton had a daughter Mary c.01 SEP 1745 Wickersley


Kirkby Fenton, gent, living in Wickersley in 1833 married Charlotte Foster (1813-1894) in August, 1832. Kirkby Fenton was nephew of Wm. Fenton Esq. of Thorp and lord of the manor of Hartshill, Warwickshire in 1850 and 1884. Kirby Fenton was rector of Caldecote Warwick at some stage.


John Thomas and Elizabeth Fenton had a daughter Clara c.03 JAN 1841 Wickersley


Reference to a T. K. Fenton born in 1836 in Wickersley. At time of 1851 census lived in Caer Llanfair Fechan

Reference to Charlotte Fenton b. Wickersley 1814 and Charlotte Fenton b. Wickersley 1838

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