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Dobb of Wickersley

Thomas Dobbe c.20 MAY 1597 Braithwell


14 01 1640 Alice DOBB, Widow was buried at Hooton Roberts


Samuel Dobb of Rotherham m. 05 01 1755 South Anston to Hannah Rogers. A Samuel Dobb had 5 children c.Rotherham from 1756-1769


John Dobb m.30 NOV 1756 Wickersley to Rebecca Hunter. Children:


Hannah Dobb n. JAMES BAGSHAW 21 JAN 1779 Rotherham


John Dobb m. SARAH DEY 30 MAR 1779 Rotherham. Children c.Rotherham


John G. Dobb of Whiston m. 04 NOV 1782 Wickersley to Elizabeth Simpson. Children baptised Whiston:


Thomas Dobb n. MARTHA EYRE 02 DEC 1783 Rotherham. Children c.Rotherham


George Dobb m.1783 Wickersley to Maria Barlow. Children:


Elizabeth Dobb m. Richard Cartwood 26 FEB 1789 Whiston


John Dobb m. 08 FEB 1790 Wickersley to Sarah Milner

Samuel Dobb m. 01 FEB 1791 Wickersley to Ann Lambert

George Dobb m. 26 AUG 1794 Wickersley to Ann Hirst

Samuel Dobb m. 15 JUN 1807 Stainton by Tickhill to Grace Carr


27 Dec 1784 Benjamin Jarvis, Parish of Wickersley (signs Jarvice) married Ann Dobb. Source


Children of William¹ and Sarah Dobb (Nee Street): born Wickersley:

Children of John² and Lydia Dobb(Nee Roebuck), born Wickersley:


Children of William Dobb and Mary:


Children of George Dobb and Ann:


From Parish Registers: G. Dobb died 1814 aged 54 and a W. Dobb died 1814 aged 65; J. Dobb died 1814 aged 61; Wm. Dobb died 1814 aged 62; J.Dobb died 1814 aged 34; Sarah Dobb died 1814 aged 88


Children of Thomas³, a Stonehever, and Hannah Dobb (nee Wadsworth), born Wickersley:

By 1891 Sarah was a Widow. See census

On 10 Nov 1835 John BELL, parish of Rotherham married Sarah DOBB, of Wickersley by licence. Is this Sarah b.1817? Source


Farming at Wickersley in 1881:

All born in Wickersley, apart from Sarah


Partnership Dissolved

Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore Subsisting between us the undersigned, John Dobb, Thomas Roddis, John Roddis, and Thomas Dobb, all of Wickersley, in the County of York, Stone-Masons, was dissolved by mutual consent on the- 27th day of June last. All debts owing to or by the said concern will be received and paid by the said Thomas Roddis and William Roddis the Son and Executor of the said John Roddis, who will in future carry on the said business on their own account: As witness our bands this 1st day of July 1816.
Jno. Dobb.
Thos. Roddis.
Wm. Roddis, Son and Executor of the late John Roddis.
Thos. Dobb. Source: London Gazette


Will of Elizabeth Dobb of Rotherham
Probate of Elizabeth Dobb of Rotherham,daughter of George Dobb of Sheffield, mason,(died intestate 25 August 1820) spinster 1824-1825. Devising her 2 messuages in the Crofts, Rotherham, to her friends Thomas Law of Rotherham, linen draper and Henry Bagshaw of Rotherham, gent, upon trust to pay the income therefrom to her uncle John Hague of Rotherham, for his life and after his death, to the use of her cousin Martha Law (wife of Thomas), to be disposed of as she or they may direct. Will dated 14 October 1824.Proved at York, 7 May 1825. Reference: 202/F/3/4
Note:Martha Law died in 1832 leaving Thomas Law the younger as her sole son and heir; and reciting that Law was declared bankrupt on 1 October 1840.


Note: Charles Dobb was landlord of the High House in the mid 1800s. Rotherham Directory of Trades and Professions lists for 1837: Charles Dobb of The Crofts, Rotherham and John Dobb of Wellgate Terrace were listed as Stonemasons.


Note:A Samuel Dobb, son of Samuel Dobb was killed in the Masbrough Boat Disaster of 1841


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