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Booth of Wickersley

Frederick Booth

Frederick Booth was born at Attercliffe in 1878, the son of Godson, Corn Miller and Emma Booth. He married Gertrude Lilian Plant, daughter of Thomas and Esther. They had six children:

Gertrude L Booth
Frank,Kitty, Bob, Gladys,Tommy, Dora Booth

Pear Tree Cottage, Wickersley,
1920sPear Tree Cottage, Wickersley, in the 1920s. The home of Gertrude and Frederick Booth. It is understood that previous generations of the family lived here. The cottage was later occupied by Kitty and Dora Booth.

Kitty never left the family home, even after she married. Dora moved to Stockport after her marriage, but returned to Pear Tree after the death of her husband.

Sonny owned and ran a butchers shop along with his wife at No 2 Green Lane, Wickersley.

Tessa moved to Wickersley in 1963 with Albert. Married Bertwin Penistone in 1972 and moved to Wood Lane.

(Left to right): George Yeardley, Daisy Yeardley (Nee Kennen), Beatrice Johnson (Nee Plant), Robert Bell
Front Row: Kitty Roberts (Nee Booth), Bessie Kennen (Nee Jackson), Gladys Bell (Nee Booth), Dora Johnson (Nee Booth)

Gladys lived all her married life in Thurcroft where her husband Robert worked down Thurcroft pit, some of the family still live in Thurcroft.



Florence K. Booth receving a Music Certificate in 1921.


Obituary of Gertrude Lilian Booth




Gertrude Booth, daughters and grand daughter
Gertrude Booth,Daughters,grandaughter

Gravestone of Gertrude Booth

Wedding of Harold Booth and Marjorie Allen 1936

Wedding of  Harold Booth  and Mary Allen 1936

Wedding of Dora and Tommy Johnson about 1937

Read about the wedding in 1928 of Gladys Booth and Robert Bell

Geoffrey and Audrey, children of Gladys and Robert Bell, 1935

Read about the 1945 wedding of Florence Kathleen Booth and Frank Foster Roberts

Wedding.F K Booth, F Roberts

Pear Tree Cottage, Wickersley,1968



Pear Tree Cottage, 2 Northfield Lane in 1968 before it was demolished to make way for the new Wickersley roundabout.




Harold 'Scamp Booth' died 1973
Gladys, Tessa, Kitty and Dora Booth in 1990 at Wood Lane, Wickersley - the home of Tessa. The occasion Tessa's 90th birthday
Gladys, Kitty and Dora Booth
Gladys Booth died in 1993.
Most of the family still live in and around Wickersley.
A great great great grand daughter of Gertrude and Frederick Booth!

A great great grand daughter of Gertrude and Frederick


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Frederick Alan (Sonny) Booth

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Names connected with Booth: Bell, Kennen, Plant.


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