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Auckland of Kirk Sandal, Braithwell and Wickersley


Elizabeth Awkeland m. RICHARDE TROWNE 06 MAY 1561 Braithwell

John Awkeland m. KATHERYNE REDMAN 24 FEB 1562 Braithwell. Children:

Nicholas Awkeland m. ELIZABETH REDMAN 03 AUG 1563 Braithwell

Edmund Awkeland c. 25 APR 1574 Braithwell (Parents unknown)

Edmunde Awkeland m. ALES WADDESWORTH 13 OCT 1578 Braithwell. Children:

Vincent Awkland m. DORITHY NUSUM 22 MAY 1610 Braithwell. Children:

Vincent Aucklande m. MARGARETTE SQUIRE 30 MAY 1625 Braithwell. Children:

Joane Awkelande m. THOMAS HESSYE 30 APR 1660 Braithwell

Mathew Awkeland m. ANNE HEELEY 28 OCT 1662 Braithwell. Children:

Kirk Sandall

William Auckland(1718-1806) Kirk Sandall, Yorkshire m. Elizabeth Pinder 1743. Children:

Children of William and Susannah born Wickersley:


Children of Charles and Sarah:

Ellen Yelland b. 27 Mar 1814 Dalton, Yorkshire. Burial: 8 Jun 1848 Wickersley.

Edward and Ellen Yelland, children:

Edward married again to Ann in 1849, after the death of Ellen. Children:

Children of Wm Auckland c16 Feb 1806, and Sarah

In 1881 living at Waren Cottages, Spendliston, Northumberland:

Charles AUCKLAND hd M 39 Wickersley Comm. traveller
Helen A. wf M 34 born Whitley, Yks
William B. s 14 born Deepcar, Yks scholar
Louisa d 12 born Deepcar, Yks
Charles s 6 born Gateshead, Durham
John E. s 5 born Gateshead, Durham
Alexander P. s 3 born Bambro, Northumberland
Mary E. d 10m born Bambro, Northumberland

Auckland of Gainsborough and Whiston

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