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John Aldred, son of Ebenezer Aldred and Mary Moult, pioneer in the chemicals industry, was born at 1778 in Wickersley. He was in partnership with Moult and Warwick, until 1805 when the partnership was dissolved:
We, Robert Wylde Moult, of Wickersley, and Thomas Oliver Warwick and John Aldred, both of Rotherham, in the County Court York, do hereby give Notice, that the Partnershp between us, in preparing and vending Chemical Liquors for fixing Dye Colours, and by us carried on at our Manufactory at Rotherham aforesaid, under the Firm of Warwick, Aldred, and Company, is from this Time mutually dissolved, so far. as relates to the said Robert Wylde Moult, who withdraws himself therefrom ; and that the said Partnership now subsists and 'from henceforth continues between them the said Thomas Oliver Warwick and John Aldred, under the Firm .of Warwick and Aldred only.- Witness our Hands -the 4th Day of May in the Year 1805, Robert Wylde Moult Thomas Olivers Warwick. John Aldred. Source:London Gazette

Aldred and Warwick then entered a partnership with Thomas Holy, of Sheffield, which was dissolved 17th of August 1808.


He married in 1814 at Wickersley to Elizabeth Foster (b.1791 Sheffield), sister of John , Rector of Wickersley.

The Sheffield Directory of 1828 records that John Aldred had a Chemical Works in Wellgate and was a manufacturer of pyroligneous acid.

John and Elizabeth had two children born in Wickersley:

On May 30th, 1849 Rev. J. T. F. Aldred Curate of Bawtry, was married by Rev. John Foster, Rector of Wickersley, at South Shore Church, Blackpool, to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Philip Rycroft, Esq., of South Shore. In 1893 he was at the Vicarage, at Dore, Sheffield.


Mary ALDRED married 19 NOV 1800 at Wickersley to Thomas Oliver WARWICK (1771-1852), MD of Rotherham. They had a son John Alfred Warwick (1821-1896)

Mary was the niece of R. W. Moult of Wickersley.


George Aldred of Rotherham (living 1812) was a liquor merchant


Note:Wickersley's Poor's Money Charity included the charities of John Aldred, J. Radley, R. Scarborough, N. Scholey and Catherine Sibray



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