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Aizlewood of Hall Farm

Living at The Hall Farm in 1891
George F. Aizlewood,Head of family aged 38. He was a Butcher and Farmer, born In Rotherham
S. A. Aizlewood,Wife, aged 35,born in Rotherham.
M. H. Aizlewood,Daughter aged 16, a Domestic Servant,born in Rotherham.
C. F. Aizlewood,Son aged 14,Farmers Son, born in Rotherham Yorkshire
G. E. Aizlewood,Daughter aged 12,Scholar, born in Rotherham.
J W Aizlewood,Son aged 10,,Scholar,born in Rotherham.
G F Aizlewood,Son aged 8,,Scholar,born in Rotherham.
J H Aizlewood,Son aged 6,,Scholar,born in Rotherham.
E A Aizlewood,,Daughter aged 4,born in Rotherham.
A Percy Aizlewood,Son aged 2,born in Rotherham.
A. H Aizlewood,Son, aged 11 months, born in Wickersley Yorkshire


Re GEORGE FREDERICK AIZLEWOOD, Deceased. NOTICE is hereby given, that all creditors and other persons having any claims or demands against the estate of George Frederick Aizlewood, late of Wickersley, in the county of York, Farmer, deceased (who died on the 31st day of October, 1926, and whose will was proved in the Principal Probate Division of His Majesty's High Court of Justice on the 18th day of December, 1926, by Charles Fletcher Aizlewood and Arthur Styring, the surviving executors therein named), are hereby required to send the particulars, in writing, of their claims or demands to us, the undersigned, the Solicitors for the said executors, on or before the 16th day of April, 1927, after which date the said executors will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto; and they will not be liable for the assets of the said deceased, or any part thereof, so distributed, to any person or persons of whose claims or demands they shall not then have had notice.Dated this 11th day of February, 1927. Source: London Gazette


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