Ron Boid

Hi my name is Ron Boid. I used to live at 32 Morthen Road. I emigrated to the United States in 1974. My sister was Mavis George. I am retired educator, living in Buffalo, Oklahoma. I have many fond memories of Wickersley and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
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Wendy Holmes

Hi i’m from Nottingham and my parents MARGARET JOHNSON AND DONALD LINDSEY lived in Rotherham from the the 1930’s – 1960’s. Sadly they have both passed away now but I’m looking for anyone who new them relatives,friends,etc.? My dads parents were Ivy and billy lindsey and my mums parents were Ethel Johnson and Reginald johnson. I am also looking for CHARLIE COOTE/COOT OF WICKERSLEY any information.
Wendy Holmes ( nee lindsey )
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Norman Edmanson

Hi my name is Norman Edmanson and I live in Doncaster. I used to live in Maltby and went to Dinnington Tech 1939 to 1941. It was there that I met Mavis Boid who was my first real girlfriend. Although we both married others, I married Barbara Heathcote from Maltby – we have now celebrated 61 years of happy marriage. Mavis married Kermit George and has lived happilly with him in Oklahoma USA until he died several years ago. Mavis made contact with me after Kermit passed on and she came over to England with her Friend Ivalee Brock and we spent a happy time with them which brought back many happy memories from the past. Mavis and I have been in regular e mail contact since then. Her health deteriorated and sadly she passed away on Saturday Aug 4th.
If anyone reads this who knew Mavis or me from those days I would be very happy to hear from them.Email Me
Take care, Best regards, Norman

Peter Collins

Hi there
Sorry if this is a bit random, but I am searching for people that worked with my father (Peter Collis) at the Brecks youth club in the mid 60s. I have need to find the name of a female who was close to my dad in 1964-65 but do not know a name.
Any help you could provide in information would be great, my father passed away some time ago and my mother has no memory.
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Robert Garner

Can anyone help me to find my great grandads decendents he was robert garner he came to wickersley some time after the 1911 census and he died there in 1938.his wife hannah died in 1928 their son willis is also with them he died in grandad was william henry garner and the family grew up in the whitley wood area his siblings were,mary-leonard-charlotte-ethel-harold-walter- elsie.i have only managed to find one death certificate for walter who was a farmer at21,gillott lane,wickersley.he died in clifton lane nursing home rotherham in 1974.his daughter is named as hazel patricia barnatt living at 229,wickersley road but i cant find out anything else.robert garner had a coal buisness in hangingwater road in the 1911 census,on this wedding photograph in 1931 my mother vera garner is without a father to give her away as he had died in dec 1930 aged only 46yrs.her motheis all in black at the right and her brothers are at the back,they were robert-tom-albert she married my father lewis crofts from fulwood and they continued to live in the same area as great grandad garner had done for another 60 yrs, i think tom married eva but i only saw them once when they came to my mothers funeral in 1971,if anyone can help me trace any decendents of the garner family i would be very grateful.

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Newhaven Fort

I am curator at Newhaven Fort, on the south coast near Brighton. We have had a photograph album donated to us and in amongst them are group photographs of Wickersley NFS (National Fire Service) – it would really be good to put names to them – could anyone help?
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Hello, love the wickersleyweb site! there is a bit on brecks, which is where i have lived since i was born (23 years). My dad grew up on brecks crescent with his 4 brothers and one sister, aswell as my grandad jack patching also living there. i am after information or if anyone knew my family name back then. My dad surname is Patching, and his mum was Smith.
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The Quarry Shutters

I lived in Quarry Field Lane around 1965/70,but my mother,Winniefred Booth and my dad Clarence,lived there earlier in the 50’s,it was nicknamed ‘The Quarry Shutters’,I never found out why.But I remember the view from our cottage clear through past Jim Eyres scrapyard to the Prince of Wales road in Sheffield, by it was windy some nights!